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Postdoctoral offer in Astrochemistry/Geochemistry (Marseille)

Post-doctoral Researcher in Astrochemistry/Geochemistry at the University Aix-Marseille, PIIM laboratory; Marseille, France.


A stimulating opportunity for a postdoctoral research position (M/F) up to two-year is available at PIIM lab to perform experiments and develop analytical strategy on the evolution of organic matter in the aqueous bodies of the solar system.

The project is part of French Research National Agency grant, and concerns the origin and chemical evolution of the extraterrestrial organic matter in past or present aqueous environments of solar system bodies. This project intends to particularly emphasize on the interaction between the organic and the inorganic parts (minerals, salts) that are coexisting on asteroids, planetary surfaces (such as Mars) or ocean floors (icy moons). Investigating the evolution of the organic matter in these aqueous conditions are essential to help their research and identification nowadays on these bodies, but also to understand what kind of molecules can be available for the emergence of living systems. This experimental work is to tackle some of the most intriguing questions around the organic matter, its preservation, complexification or destruction favor by specific conditions and/or minerals in the aqueous systems.

The preferred candidate will have a PhD in astrochemistry or geochemistry, planetary sciences, chemistry or a closely related field, with knowledge and familiarity of analytical techniques (chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy) and experimental works. The candidate will join a vibrant astrochemistry research group within the PIIM laboratory (ASTRO team).

Review of applications will begin on 11/4/2023 until the position is filled. Please send a CV, a description of research interests, a publication list, and email Addresses of 2-3 referees as a single PDF file- to

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