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Offre d'emploi à l'ESA

ESA recruits a scientist.

Main duties and responsibilities of the successful candidate will include:
– providing scientific support to future ESA robotic exploration mission studies to Mars;
– providing scientific expertise to the presently ongoing implementation of the ExoMars Programme;
– acting as interlocutor on science payload matters between the science study teams and the study manager and/or project engineers;
– providing scientific inputs and guidance to the development and execution of the missions’ science operations;
– preparing internal and external reports, including reports to the ESA advisory structure;
– performing scientific research, preferably in the area of terrestrial planets, in particular Mars.

Applicants should have a PhD or equivalent degree in the field of Planetary Sciences and have substantial experience in particular utilising space-based instrumentation. They should have proven experience in at least some of the scientific areas covered by the ESA’s ExoMars Programme and/or future Mars exploration missions (geology, geophysics, geochemistry, exobiology and atmospheric sciences).

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